We have established a network of domiciliary care providers who work with us to raise the quality and capacity standards of domiciliary care in north and mid Devon.  Our common goal is to achieve consistent, high-quality, compassionate and integrated care.

Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust (under the Devon Cares badge):

  • Acts as a central broker, referring packages of care to providers
  • Oversees compliance, governance and quality
  • Manages the invoice and payment function between the care providers and the commissioner (e.g. Devon County Council)

Our model of care is built on partnerships at all levels. Our Tier 1 providers sit on Locality Management Boards (one per zone) and are expected to hold each other to account. The role of these boards is:

  • Strategic thinking and system resilience
  • Sharing best practice and intelligence
  • Quality improvement
  • Improving intelligent brokering through local knowledge
  • Sharing the risks and benefits of a “risk pool” to fund an emergency cover team to fill hard-to-fill packages of care
  • Monitoring of performance and taking action to improve
  • Identifying concerns with providers, and taking steps to address failing providers
  • Managing the use and distribution of an emergency cover team
  • Setting pricing rates within the overall agreed pricing framework
  • Reviewing and monitoring of complaints received and their outcomes

Tier 2 providers benefit from the same guaranteed price as tier 1 providers, and are expected to meet the same quality standards, but they have no guarantee of volume and do not participate in the “risk pool”.