Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (1998) (PUWER)


The regulations require risks to people’s health and safety, from equipment that they use at work, to be prevented or controlled. The regulations requires that equipment provided for work is:

  • Suitable for the intended use.
  • Only used by people who have received adequate information, instruction and training.
  • Maintained in a safe condition.
  • Inspected to ensure safe for use.


A pre inspection check of manual handling equipment is required prior to its use the recordings do not have to be recorded.


Slide sheets


  • Check the integrity of the fabric, to ensure the stitching on the fabric is not broken, there are no rips or tears in the fabric.
  • Ensure the fabric is clean.
  • Ensure sewn on handles are secure.
  • Check the label on the equipment to ensure it is readable. (If it is not, you are not able to guarantee the slide sheet has been washed at the correct temperature.)
  • Ensure disposable slide sheets are not washed, if they get wet the fabric will be compromised and the equipment will have to be disposed of.




Other Manual handling equipment


  • Ensure any non-slip strips on equipment are intact.
  • Check the integrity of the equipment to ensure it is not broken, cracked, or it has any sharp edges or splinters.
  • Do not use defective equipment and report defects in the correct way.
  • Ensure the load does not exceed the safe working load of any equipment.