Each month and every quarter we send a report to the commissioners which gives information on the 20 key performance indicators of the contract. These are listed below.

Seven days before each report is due Devon Cares will send the report template, with fields pre-populated where we can get the data from our brokerage system, for you to validate or insert your data.

The data is per zone, so if you provide data across more than one zone, you will need to fill in the data for each tab on the xls spreadsheet.

It is a contractual requirement that you provide this data within the deadline.

Any problems, please contact Vicky Hancock, Operations Manager.

Report (pdf)

Quality performance report

December 2017 (pdf)

September 2017 (pdf)

Quality Key performance indicators

Monthly Quality Performance Report Timetable FY 2018/19 (excel doc)

All Devon Cares providers are required to submit data monthly with some additional data collected quarterly.

The two returns are below.

Monthy and Quarterly Return form (excel doc)

Devon Cares is required to submit the data returns at the end of each period.