All Devon Cares providers will be paid in 4-weekly periods.

The schedule of when to submit your invoices to Devon Cares and when you will get paid is here: Devon-Cares-and-DCC-invoice-and-payment-schedule FY 18-19

Devon Cares variation reporting template (excel)

Interim process for invoicing

Please follow this process until further notice.

Invoicing is approached in 4-weekly cycles – called an ‘invoicing period’ in this document.

Providers are required to report variations in the hours of care delivery to the Devon Cares brokerage team.  This must be on a timely basis – we suggest at least weekly or as they occur – in order that the Brokers can seek approval from the commissioners and avoid delays in payment for the care provided at the end of the period.  The brokerage team will inform (and seek agreement from) the appropriate personnel i.e. care managers of this variation through the month.

The first day after the close of the 4-week invoicing period, the Devon Cares finance team will issue a summary of the planned care hours by J number to each of the Providers, including the variations reported to the brokerage team.  This will be sent to the provider’s NHS Mail address.

Each provider will confirm the care provided matches the extract received from the Devon Cares Brokerage team.  The provider must identify any variation not previously identified to the Brokerage Team (according to the criteria laid out below) and return to the finance team within 3 working days from the end of the period.

Devon Cares will validate any additional variations following their normal processes.  In the first instance any late variations (i.e. not previously reported to Devon Cares brokers) will be treated as follows:

  • If less hours the variation will not be disputed
  • If more hours we will initially dispute the variation
  • Once the variation has been approved Devon Cares will confirm back the hours & £ for production of the invoice.
  • If the Commissioner disputes the hours of care provided we will pay the non-disputed (lower) amount and dispute the difference with the provider.  Once the dispute has been resolved the balance will be paid or a credit note required if the variation is not approved.

The hours of care delivery will be updated by Devon Cares and the invoice value expected from the provider notified to them to support an invoice.  The provider should raise an invoice and send it to

Devon Cares,
Finance Department,
Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust,
Raleigh Park,
EX31 4JB.

Or by email to: or

Devon Cares will report the variation hours to DCC and the actual hours to CCG.  Once DCC and CCG have checked and agreed their packages of care we will invoice them in line with their processes. If DCC or CCG dispute any elements on the invoices these will be marked as disputed and the provider advised.  The timetable for payment by DCC and CCG is shown overleaf.

Devon Cares will make payment to providers by BACS within 24 hours of receipt of the payment by the Commissioner in line with the timetables as laid out.  The remittance will quote the invoice number for the 4 week period as its reference.

Variations in care

The variations need to be logged with the Brokerage Team.  The variations need to include the following minimum data

  • J Number for the package of care affected
  • The week in which the variation occurred
  • The total number of hours more or less than planned (see example below)
  • More or less is determined by the following weekly totals for any variations
    8 to 22.5 minutes counts as 15 minutes variation
    23 to 37.5 minutes counts as 30 minutes variation
    37.5 to 52.5 minutes counts as 45 minutes variation
    52.5 to 67.5 minutes counts as 1 hour variation etc
  • Variation reason (from the list in the table in the Dispute Section below)
  • Variation narrative in case further details required by Commissioner


Eg: In the same week                                             in the same week
morning visit -30 minutes                                    morning visit  -15 minutes
afternoon visit +30 minutes                                 afternoon visit  +30 minutes
Variation: NIL                                                        Variation: +15 minutes

Variations in the first/final week of care

If visits commence after the first working day then the variation submitted should reflect actual hours visited not the planned hours.

Similarly if visits end before the last working day of the week then a variation must be submitted showing the actual attendance hours and not the normal planned attendance hours.

Dispute Process

At the end of the 4 week period the provider must confirm or correct the variations within 2 working days and return to the Devon Cares Finance Team.

If variations were not previously logged with the Brokerage Team, then these will be placed in dispute between us and the Provider until they have been notified and approved by the Commissioner.  Once confirmed/agreed by the Commissioner these will be included on the next 4 week payment block.

REASON DETAIL Not Notified Notified Agreed Notified Not Agreed
EXTRA Need a reason Under Dispute To be paid Credit Required
LESS Need a reason Under Dispute To be paid To be paid
MISSED Need a reason Under Dispute To be paid Credit Required
HOSP Need a reason Under Dispute To be paid Credit Required
Respite Need a reason Under Dispute To be paid Credit Required
Holiday Need a reason Under Dispute To be paid Credit Required
Planned absence (not holiday) Need a reason Under Dispute To be paid Credit Required
First Week Need a reason Under Dispute To be paid Credit Required
Final Week Need a reason Under Dispute To be paid Credit Required