If there are occasions where Devon Cares needs to increase the capacity and ask more providers to join our framework, we will open up applications to join our Tier 3.  This is a bit like a spot market but we prefer the term Tier 3.

Because we are a public sector organization, we have to adhere to quite rigorous procurement rules.  However Tier 3 will only exist until providers have applied and been issued with contracts under Devon Cares to become a framework provider.

Hourly Rate:

  • We will offer our Tier 3 providers a slightly lower hourly rate than framework providers until such time as you join our framework/sign contracts. Once you are a framework provider you will receive backdated pay amounting to the difference between the Tier 3 rate and framework provider rate for any care you have delivered through Devon Cares.

What can you expect from Devon Cares as a Tier 3 provider:

  • An hourly rate between £21.08 and £21.20 per hour (rates correct for 20/21 and dependent on zone).  All packages of care that you accept as a Tier 3 provider will remain with your organisation if you are successful in joining the Devon Cares Framework Agreement.
  • We will put in place a Service Level Agreement until such time as you join the contract/ framework (a copy will be sent to you if you are interested in becoming a Tier 3 provider).
  • Packages of care will be offered to all Tier 3 providers only when other providers are unable to accept these packages of care.