Extended survey deadline, please take 5 minutes to complete (click here to access the survey)

Thank you to all those who have already completed this survey. The findings so far provide good insight into what we could do to strengthen and increase our community workforce. Before we make plans, we want to make sure these are the right plans so are seeking more people to respond to this survey. If you haven’t completed this survey, please do and forward on to health and social care colleagues.

Social care continues to experience a workforce shortage. Across the UK, and here in Devon, there are people going without care for a period because community care staff are not available at the right time, in the right place. To improve, we need to strengthen and increase our community workforce.

The careworker survey in winter 2018 identified themes such as value and recognition. We asked some of our community care colleagues how we could improve this. This survey further explores some ideas proposed by these colleagues.

This survey will run until Sunday 30th June. All health and social care professionals across Devon  are encouraged to respond. Your responses will inform workforce plans across Devon.


Our people are our biggest asset. Whether it’s our own people, running the brokerage service and overseeing the governance and quality issues, or those employed by our providers, we are all focused on one thing: delivering the best possible care for our customers and their families/carers.  

Every day, our providers care for thousands of people in their own homes, from older people, sometimes living with dementia, to people with a learning or physical disability, people with long term conditions and continuing health care needs and people at the end of their lives.

Our team is here to support providers to deliver outstanding care.  Our aim is to promote independence and wellbeing where possible, and we encourage our providers to listen to their customers and use their feedback to help develop and improve services.