HomeLife Carers celebrate with their first ever Carers Awards Event

HomeLife Carers has recently celebrated their first ever Carers Awards, recognising all those who have been champions in the eyes of their colleagues and clients.

Held in Exeter, the event was spread over two weekends, ensuring that sufficient cover was provided for clients in the community whilst allowing all staff to attend at least one of the evenings.

Around 220 people attended, celebrating the achievements of the team, which were split into five categories:

  • The Carer’s Carer
  • The Client’s Carer
  • Dedication to Service Award
  • Best Newcomer
  • Manager’s Award

John Griffiths, managing director for HomeLife Carers, said: “Whilst the events were held as an award ceremony, the evenings themselves were much more than this; this was a real opportunity for us, as an organisation, to say a massive thank you to all the care team for the dedication, support and loyalty they show to their clients.

“There are so many positive and incredible things which carers all do, and the awards were our opportunity to recognise and celebrate this. It really has been a wonderful experience for all involved and a fantastic way to celebrate the incredible work of all the team.”

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