Devon Cares to exhibit at conference highlighting innovative projects

Devon Cares has been chosen to exhibit at a national conference that celebrates high-quality, patient-focused care.

The service is one of twelve initiatives that has been chosen to exhibit at the provider showcase at the annual NHS Providers conference and exhibition.

Devon Cares is an innovative new approach to domiciliary care, which acts as a bridge between health and social care, bringing together the NHS and local care providers. It is run by Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust, who don’t deliver care, but work with local providers to organise care and provide the framework, structures and governance to enable care providers to deliver high quality care in line with the Trust’s vision to support people’s health, independence and wellbeing.

Alison Diamond, chief executive of the Trust, said: “I am delighted that we have been selected to exhibit at the NHS Providers conference, which is known nationally as an event where NHS organisations can share learning, celebrate success and be inspired.

“Launching Devon Cares made us the first NHS trust to enter the domiciliary care market, and we are really excited to have the opportunity to share what we have learnt with other providers.”

The exhibit, ‘Devon Cares: An NHS approach to domiciliary care’, will show how the service benefits providers, NHS trusts and the public.

The service benefits providers, because by offering better conditions for care workers, including better training opportunities and the chance of career progression, the service can boost recruitment and retention in care by making it a more attractive sector in which to work.

This also benefits patients, because greater integration with existing health and social care services means the Trust can get people home more quickly, or on time, and avoid unnecessary hospital admissions, where possible.

There are four different themes in the showcase, and Devon Cares will exhibit under the theme of ‘Relationships’, which reflects how the service has strengthened links between the NHS and care providers to provide more joined-up care for patients.

The overall theme of the conference this year is ‘Fighting Fit’, which focuses on how NHS providers can stay fighting fit and continue to deliver world-class standards of care.

The NHS Providers conference is being held at the ICC Birmingham on 29-30 November.