Easy Living Care sets up memory board to remember and celebrate the people they cared for

In the Easy Living Care office in Tiverton, there is a board dedicated to the people they have cared for who have sadly passed away. On the board there are orders of service from the funerals attended by the care workers and there are also laminated balloons so that staff can write down their memories of that person, and share their thoughts and prayers.

Sharon Collins, registered manager at Easy Living Care, said: “We have the privilege of being invited into people’s homes to support them through what can be the hardest parts of their life. We are all taught professional boundaries and these are very important, but no one can just switch off feelings of emotion or help build a relationship with the people we care for at home.

“When a service user passes who meant so much to their loved ones, through our memory board we hope to remember them and share our support as a company and as care workers.”